"Life is Gouda!"

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cafe & Wine Bar


We Are Now Open!

Melt Away Cafe is the newest addition to Aruba that is one of a kind. Our menu is designed to inspire your taste buds with the freshest bread and an array of cheeses that will “melt you away!” We love the nostalgia and comfort of rich food that is complemented by the perfect wine pairing. We believe your dining should be a full experience and this reflects in all aspects that go beyond a great meal. The music, decor, and our wine room will have you crooning with the best of them and relaxing while you indulge. We specialize in having the best cheese where you not only have many options but, also can enjoy as a fondue or Raclette. (Scraped melted cheese!) In Aruba the saying is true, we are "One Happy Island." In Melt Away Cafe, "Life is Gouda!"

Our atmosphere at Melt Away Cafe is the perfect place for a social gathering or the perfect date night. Our vintage and rustic decor, along with our indulgent menu will give you the comforts of home with an added touch of nostalgia. We will offer a casual dining experience in the daytime and upon sunset, Melt Away Cafe will melt you away with an increased indulgence of our night time menu for the perfect memorable experience.


Call for Reservations or questions 297-280-0044 from 12 – 10p daily Except Sunday 5pm-10pm
Reservations required for parties of 6 or more.


Life is Gouda!

Torri and Eline have been longtime friends turned business partners after discovering their passion for pushing the boundaries and bringing new ideas to the island they both hold dear to their heart. Torri, a native of America and Eline, a native of the Netherlands, both knew something was missing from all of the unique options available when dining. Together they created a concept that indulged in their favorite comfort foods. Cheese is a staple from Eline’s country along with a selection of the perfect wine to pair that will have you thoroughly relaxing in paradise. Torri’s background in business and a dream to one day call Aruba home and Eline’s restaurant experience from also co-founding another great restaurant, Barney’s, made this the perfect partnership to bring a new concept to life. Together they make a great team, and as the saying goes, Life is Gouda while they pursue their dreams on One Happy Island!